The Krapina-Zagorje County is located at the crossroads of major highways, the Phyrnskog road route (D1 state designation, A2 motorway, E59 European designation), which runs along the entire county and is an integral part of the northwest entrance/exit from the Republic of Croatia to Europe, and the Budapest-Varaždin-Čakovec-Zagreb-Rijeka roads (A4 motorway, E65 European designation).

The geostrategic position of the County within the Republic of Croatia, and south-western Europe is strategic due to its 6 roads and 2 railway border crossings, which points out the traffic intensity of the County.

Picture 2 Distances from major world centers

Tariffs for transporting goods is determined by the transporters themselves and depends depends on several factors:

  • Weight of goods, volume, distance
  • For groupage transport (various kinds of goods for various customers - importers), the price is then divided amongst a number of the importers
  • Depends on the type of goods (ADR poisons, nutrition, special charges, etc.)
  • Reporting on goods entering the country (shipping), fido, veterinarian.