Land prices in the entrepreneurial zones in the Krapina-Zagorje County range from 7 to 50 €/m2, depending on the location of the land, infrastructure and utility connections.

Depending on the zone in which construction takes place and the level of utility equipment in the zone and infrastructure, prices for:

  • The construction of business premises amounts to 600-800 €/m2
  • The construction of business facilities amounts to 350-1800 €/m2

Costs and time it takes to acquire permits:

a)    Building permits - € 700; 30-90 days

b)    Location permits - € 200; 30-90 days

c)    Tax payments - within 30 days

NOTE: The stated times and prices are for a house with a size of 280 m2. Prices for building and location permits depend on the size, purpose and characteristics of the structure.

Depending on the zone in which the premises are rented and the age of the building, rental fees for office space are 3-15 €/m².

The rental fee for a production facility are arranged on an individual basis.